Travel with Your Gi

I have learned now to pack light and leave room for my Gi. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community can be an amazing place to make connections and meet some great people. I’m sure there is the chance to drop into a school or gym and have a terrible experience. But, I have found that it is a great addition to any trip to find some mats and train.

My affiliation has hundreds of schools across the world but I have also dropped in outside Gracie Barra and was accepted. There are great folks out there willing to share the BJJ experience.

Things to remember: check the schedule, call ahead, respect their school rules and don’t be a tool trying to prove yourself.

Pictures from: Gracie Barra San Clemente 2018 with Prof. Felipe Guedes; Gracie Barra Carlsbad 2019 with Prof. Aaron Collins; Back at Coach Doug’s lunch class at GB San Clemente in 2019; Ricardo Almeida BJJ In 2018 with my coach and teammates and Prof. Ricardo; Gracie Barra Athens Greece in 2018- amazing international hospitality!; Atos BJJ in 2018 with Prof. Andre Galvao.

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